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Case Code: CLOM006
Case Length: 5 pages 
Period: -  
Pub Date: 2006
Teaching Note: Not Available
Subject : Operations
Organization :-
Industry : Retailing
Countries : -

Pantaloons - Information Technology in the Supply Chain*



The caselet outlines the efforts of Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited (PRIL) to increase the operational efficiency by using information technology in its supply chain. The caselet also examines the relative merits and demerits of implementing IT in the supply chain. Further, the caselet presents the expansion strategies of PRIL that helped the retail chain to gradually grow and establish itself in the retail industry in India.
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  • Implementation of IT in order to streamline supply chain.
  • Benefits of implementing IT in SCM
  • Problems associated with IT implementation in SCM.
  • Using RFID to deliver higher operational efficiency and customer satisfaction
Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited (PRIL) was set up as Manz Wear Private Limited on October 12, 1987. On September 25, 1992 Manz Wear Private Limited became Pantaloon Fashions (India) Ltd and in July 1999, the name was changed to PRIL.

In the initial years, till the mid 1990s, PRIL focused on developing its own clothing brands like ‘The Pantaloon trouser', the ‘Bare Jeans'and the ‘John Miller'range of shirts. The distribution of these branded garments took place through multi-branded retail outlets. This changed in 1994 when PRIL introduced The Pantaloon Shoppe - franchise shops for menswear...

Questions for Discussion:
1. Describe Pantaloon's initiatives towards the implementation of IT in order to streamline its supply chain?

2. “To support this growth and maintain our competitive edge, a robust and futuristic IT infrastructure has been planned for the next three years with investments of over Rs 100 crore (1billion).” What benefits would the retailer stand to gain in the future with such huge investments, especially with the probable entry of foreign retailers? What are the likely problems that may crop up in an ambitious IT implementation plan?


Pantaloons,Manz Wear,John Miller

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