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A Report on Global ATM Frauds

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Case Details:

Report Code : BREP041
Report Length : 30 Pages
Period : 2000 - 2005
Organization : -
Pub Date : 2007
Teaching Note : Not Available
Countries : World
Industry : Banking and Financial Services

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Executive Summary  4
Introduction  5
     The Development of the ATM  5
Types of ATM Frauds  6
     The Lebanese Loop  7
     Distraction  7
     Card Jamming  7
     Card Swapping  7
     Diversions  7
     Website Spoofing or "Phishing"  7
     False ATM Presenter  8
     Fraud using a Stolen Card  8
     ATM Burglary  8
     Customer Pin Stealing Methods  8
Fraud Prevention Solutions  9
     Precautions to Prevent an ATM Fraud  9
     Location of an ATM  10
     Video Surveillance  10
     Remote Monitoring  10
     Anti Card Skimming Solution  10
     Consumer Awareness  11
     NCR Corporation Introduces Fraud Detection Solution  12
     Barclays Bank Launches an Antifraud Initiative  12
     Barclays Introduces Tamper Free ATM  12
     Mastercard Introduces Online Fraud Monitor  12
     Introduction of Eurocard Mastercard Visa Smart Cards in the Asia Pacific Region  13
     Financial Organizations in the US Convert from Magnetic Strip to Chip Cards  13
     What are EMV Chip Cards?  13
     Tackling with ATM Frauds  14
     Industry Analysis  14
     Challenges Facing The Financial Industry In Fighting ATM Frauds  16
     Banks Push Smaller Frauds under the Rug  16
     Lack of Consumer Awareness  17
     Decline in Consumer Confidence  18
ATM Frauds in Select Geographic Regions  18
     Asia Pacific  18
     The United States  23
Regulatory Environment  26
     Anti Money Laundering Regulations  26
     U1 291 Level 1  27
     DCPCU  27
     Fraud Intelligence Bureau  27
     ICC Financial Investigation Bureau  28
     Arkansas Passes Law to Protect Confidential Customer Information  28
     Japan Implements Regulations to Refund ATM Fraud Victims  28
Outlook  28


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