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Online Matrimony Services in India Details CLCB027

Blogging the Way to Victory Details CLCB026

Dove - Campaigning for Real Beauty Details CLCB025

Tupperware - Influencing Opinions through Word-of-Mouth Details CLCB024

The Harley-Davidson Experience Details CLCB023

Diesel - Style Dictator of the Rebels Details CLCB022

IKEA - Taking the Customization Route? Details CLCB021

Krispy Kreme - Maintaining Consumer Loyalty Details CLCB020

Shared Values - A Campaign Gone Hollow? Details CLCB019

GAP - Bridging the Gaps in its Offerings Details CLCB018

Intel's Entry into Consumer Electronics - Trying a New Trade Details CLCB017

Deloitte - Cutting the "Bull" With Bullfighter Details CLCB016

Evolution of the UPS Logo Details CLCB015

Kohl's Tie-Up with Estée Lauder - Influencing Customer Perceptions Details CLCB014

Corporate Social Responsibility - Are Corporates Walking the Talk? Details CLCB013

IBM - Venturing into Life Sciences Details CLCB012

The Royal Warrant - Celebrity Endorsement Details CLCB011

Einstein - A Relatively Popular Personality Details CLCB010

Dave Thomas - The Guiding Compass of Wendy's Details CLCB009

Balbir Pasha - The Baadshah of Aids Campaigns in India Details CLCB008

Lloyds TSB - Galloping to the Campuses Details CLCB007

Elvis Presley - Still Rocking Details CLCB006

South Africa - The Tourism Destination Details CLCB005

Pepsodent - Charting Growth in Indian Oral Care Market through Segmentation  Details CLCB004

McDonald's - Winning Hearts in an Alien Territory Details CLCB003

Coke - Reaping the Benefits of Going Rural Details CLCB002

UPS - Researching to Re-brand Details CLCB001



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