Lakshadweep`s COVID-19 Controlling Strategy - `Zero Cases out of Million`

Global Economic Impact of Coronavirus – Assessment and Mitigation (B)
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Pub Date: 2020
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Global Economic Impact of Coronavirus – Assessment and Mitigation (B)
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The traces of the COVID-19 virus were first identified in Wuhan City in the Hubei Province of China in mid week of December 2019. It was officially communicated to the China office of the World Health Organization (WHO) on December 31, 2020, that cases with pneumonia like symptoms had been detected among 44 people and that 11 of them were critical and 33 patients were stable. The health officials reported that the reason for the cases was yet to be detected. Officials of the WHO closely monitored the situation and issued a technical note on January 5, 2020, to the scientific and public health community and to the global media containing its risk assessment and advice on the situation. The WHO specified the health condition of the 44 affected people and the response of the public health systems in China...

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