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ICMR India - Case Pricing

Pricing for Individual Cases
Pricing for Case e-Books
Annual Licensing for B-Schools
Annual Licensing for Corporates

(A) Individual Case Purchase - Single Case Licensing

Item Details Price Comments
First Copy Single Copy Varies from INR 200 to 700 The document is supplied as a locked PDF file with "Do Not Copy" watermark

Multiple Copies
<=50 copies Varies from INR 200 to 700 per copy No discount
51-100 copies Varies from INR 175 to 675 per copy Flat discount of INR 25 per copy at all price levels
>100 copies Varies from INR 150 to 650 per copy Flat discount of INR 50 per copy at all price levels

(B) Bulk Case Purchase - Annual Licensing ( for Academic Institutes)

Item Details Comments
All Cases Access to the entire repository of CRC Cases Pricing on per student, per year basis

Price varies between INR 1500 to INR 3000 per student, per year, depending on number of students

The term of licensing agreement is 3 years

Attractive discounts available if the term of license is more than 3 years
How it Works:
1. CRC will send a spreadsheet (list) of all Cases along with the abstract and Teaching Notes (where available) to the concerned Faculty/Course Coordinator, Subject Coordinator;

2. The concerned Faculty will send to CRC a list of shortlisted Cases;

3. CRC will provide view/read only access for the shortlisted Cases and Teaching Notes (where available) to the concerned Faculty;

4. Faculty/Course coordinator will come back with the email IDs and Names of students to whom CRC will provide view/ read-only access for the shortlisted Cases; OR

5. CRC will send a 'licensed to' pdf version of the case/s to the concerned faculty
Caselet (Short Case Study) INR 50 to INR 200
Case E-Books The price of the case e- book varies between INR 900 and INR 4500. This will be a locked PDF file.
Customers who are interested in buying cases on specific Themes/Functional Areas will find significant value in buying these case e-books. The number of case studies in e-books varies between 5 and 35 cases.
Research Report / Industry Note Variable
Teaching Note Available only to trainers / faculty Price of Teaching Note: Detailed teaching notes (8 to 10 pages): INR 400
Short teachings notes (3 pages): INR 100
Teaching notes are sent by e-mail only after the credentials of the person requesting them are verified.

Please Note:

1. For enquiries regarding reprint permissions or the licensing of ICMR case studies for use in the classroom, please contact casehelpdesk@ibsindia.org

2. Please note that Indian Standard Time (IST) is 5.30 hours ahead of GMT. Our working hours are 9.00 a.m to 5.30 p.m IST. Our office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

3. A caselet is a short case study (less than 4 pages long) prepared for the purpose of class discussion

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