The Morgan Stanley - Dean Witter Merger

The Morgan Stanley - Dean Witter Merger
Case Code: BSTR209
Case Length: 19 Pages
Period: 1997-2005
Pub Date: 2006
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Organization: Morgan Stanley & Company, Dean Witter
Industry: Banking & Financial Services
Countries: India
Themes: Mergers, Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances
The Morgan Stanley - Dean Witter Merger
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Background Note

Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley was founded in 1935 as an investment bank by Henry Morgan and Harold Stanley, former employees of JP Morgan, after the Glass Steagall Act, which prevented financial institutions in the US from carrying out both commercial and investment banking activities, came into force.

To comply with the Act, JP Morgan & Company had to split its securities and commercial banking businesses and this led to the establishment of Morgan Stanley as a separate entity...

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Price: Rs.400
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