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  • Proposed Federal Gasoline Tax: The US Government`s Dilemma

    Global Economic Impact of Coronavirus – Assessment and Mitigation (B)
    Case Code: ECON093
    Case Length: 13 Pages
    Period: 2017-20
    Pub Date: 2020
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    Countries : United States
    Themes: Taxation/ Pricing
    Global Economic Impact of Coronavirus – Assessment and Mitigation (B)
    Abstract Case Intro Excerpts


    In the US, both federal and state taxes played a key role in determining how much consumers would have to pay for gas. These taxes were spent on the construction and repair of road infrastructure. Federal funding for transportation infrastructure usually targeted large projects of regional or national importance, while many states implemented their own fuel taxes, in addition to the federal tax, to address local infrastructure needs...


    Road Ahead

    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that the federal trust fund would face a revenue shortfall of US$5 billion and US$138 billion in 2021 and 2027 respectively unless the gas tax was increased. This deficit would become even more acute with Trump’s proposal to invest US$200 billion in new infrastructure development, while there was little insight into the sources of funding or the actual time for implementation of the proposal, analysts said. The ASCE called for the government and private sectors to raise investment on infrastructure from 2.5% to 3.5% of GDP by 2025 to meet the country’s future infrastructure requirements and make the US infrastructure globally competitive...


    Exhibit I: Taxes on Gasoline in the US vs. Other Developed Countries in 2017
    Exhibit II: Gas Tax by States in the US
    Exhibit III: Estimation of Money Raised through Existing Transportation Excise Taxes (2020-2029)

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