Shubham Housing Development Finance – Social Impact through Financial Inclusion

Shubham Housing Development Finance – Social Impact through Financial Inclusion
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Period: 2011-2022
Pub Date: 2023
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Organization: Shubham Housing Development Finance Ltd
Industry: Banking
Countries: India
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Shubham Housing Development Finance – Social Impact through Financial Inclusion
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Housing Loans in India

As of 2022, India was the second most populous country in the world. With limited access to housing loans, more than 500 million people stayed in rented accommodation. Poverty was rampant in the country..

Not For Those in Informal Sector

In India, people engaged in the informal sector, seasonal employment, and small businesses received their salaries in cash. In the urban areas, the workers usually worked in grocery shops, as small scale vendors, in small trading firms, etc.,.

Shubham Has A Solution

Chaturvedi and Oak decided to start a financial institution that specifically catered to the needs of the less affluent in society, especially those who were engaged in informal employment. These included grocers, drivers, tailors, priests,..

Interview-Based Approval Process

Shubham put a sales team in place which contacted potential customers. The customers could also approach Shubham by calling on the phone numbers provided on the website, and banners that were displayed..

Reaching Out

Shubham looked at increasing the number of customers and also at extending its reach across the country. According to Oak,.

Encouraging Women’s Ownership

In India, a gender gap persisted across all the sectors. There was a gap in economic position, education, health, and political participation. Women in India were often employed in low-productivity and informal jobs..

Attracting Investors

Initially, Shubham obtained lines of credit from banks and NBFCs, and also from the National Housing Bank. Later, it opted for venture funding and attracted capital from several venture capitalists.

The Impact

Shubham increased access to housing finance through home loans, home improvement loans, and also loans against property. Increased ownership of housing was expected to provide improved privacy and security and give access to basic services and ownership of financial asset..

Gauging The Impact

Over the years, Shubham had systems in place to closely track its business performance, but there was no feedback mechanism for it to understand the perspective of clients. It then started taking feedback from its clients about their needs and used this to create a value proposition for its service..

Looking Ahead

As of March 2022, Shubham had a presence in 9 states and 75 cities through 100 branches. As it surged ahead eyeing expansion to other states in the country , Shubham had a few challenges to face..


Exhibit I: UN Sustainable Development Goals
Exhibit II: Shubham: Vision, Mission and Values
Exhibit III: Shubham – Home Loan Eligibility
Exhibit IV: Shubham – Loan Approval Process
Exhibit V: BII’s Impact Framework
Exhibit VI: ‘Impact Dashboard’ of Shubham – As Specified by BII
Exhibit VII: About Business Call to Action
Exhibit VIII: Impact Study - Decision Making Questions and Indicators

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