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Dave’s Killer Bread – Second Chance Employment to Ex-felons

Dave’s Killer Bread – Second Chance Employment to Ex-felons
Case Code: HROB223
Case Length: 12 Pages
Period: 1989 – 2015
Pub Date: 2021
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Organization: Dave’s Killer Bread
Industry: -
Countries: United States
Themes: HR Policy, Employee Attitudes & Emotions, Leading Change, Workplace Diversity
Dave’s Killer Bread – Second Chance Employment to Ex-felons
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HR Interventions

With a vision to make the world a better place one loaf at a time, along with Dave’s inspirational road to redemption from a life of crime, the company became a magnet for ex-felons who wanted to change their lives. The company encouraged their existing employees to refer new hires. The new workers were brought in as temporary hired hands for the first ninety days..

Marketing Interventions

Industry experts felt marketing Dave’s past life in the prison made good business sense. Dave’s bad boy image along with his journey gave the brand a distinct appeal. The brand leveraged the popular concept of people’s idea fixation of prisons which included prisoner designed couture, correctional homes converted into hotels. In each of their loaf of bread it is mentioned as ‘Just say no to bread on drugs’ this too created a sense of shock and awe with the consumers..

Dave Killer Bread Foundation

Being a witness to the positive impact on providing second chances to people, DKB decided to promote second chance employment beyond their bakery walls. In July 2015, DKB founded the Dave Killer Bread Foundation (DKBF), a charity organization that was dedicated to encourage other private sector employers to hire former felons. The DKBF believed in hiring the best person for the job, regardless of their criminal history..

Looking Ahead

In 2013, Dave’s drinking habit became so bad that the company directors took notice and forced him into a sabbatical. It was a terrible time for many of the employees especially the many ex-felons who loved him. They were grateful to Dave for giving them a second chance after prison. Dave too missed the employees and he hoped one day he would get back to the company in some capacity. Yet, in November 2013, Dave came to the bakery unannounced..


Exhibit I: More about Dave’s Killer Breade
Exhibit II: Nutrition Comparison of Different Types of Breads
Exhibit III: Annual Rate of Disciplinary Actions by Employee Felony Conviction Record Status

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