Merck: Compliance Training through Immersive Simulations

Merck: Compliance Training through Immersive Simulations
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Period: 2022-2023
Pub Date: 2023
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Organization: Merck & Co., Inc
Industry: Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
Countries: United States
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Merck: Compliance Training through Immersive Simulations
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Creating a Lean Learning Solution

The ETU platform automatically adapted to the skills levels of each employee and the testing and remediation cycle continued until the individual learner’s performance met the success criteria. To achieve this, the analytics tool measured changes in the learner attitudes over time..

Partnership With ETU

Compliance training was a necessity at its plants as it could lead to loss of a production batch if protocols were not followed. This would prove costly for its business. Earlier, Merck had focused on carrying out face-to-face training programs for employees, especially to ensure good, aseptic behavior that adhered to good manufacturing practices mandated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ..

Benefits of Shift to Immersive Learning

The deployment of immersive learning at Merck’s manufacturing facility using ETU’s learning simulation platform, exceeded the company’s expectations on all the three business objectives for the Reimagine Mandatory Training program..

Road Ahead

Immersive simulations offered benefits to both the company and its employees. It enabled Merck to scale up skills training and accurately measure improvement on a real time basis. At the same time, employees could practice and apply new behaviors on real life scenarios. The L&D team also learnt that there were core skills and behaviors that were very applicable to wider compliance topics, as for example, situational awareness..


Exhibit I: Merck’s E-learning Initiatives
Exhibit II: ETU’s Learning Simulation Platform
Exhibit III: Eric Ries' Lean Management Structure

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