Big Bang Food Tech: Can It Successfully Replicate The E-Commerce Rollup Model In The Indian Food Sector?

PiRuby`s Teaser Campaign in the Edtech Market Using Content Co-creation
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Period: 2021-2023
Pub Date: 2023
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Organization : HDA Flavour Pvt Ltd (trading as Big Bang Food Tech)
Industry :Foodservice
Countries : India
Themes: Brand Development, Business Models, Growth Strategy,Entrepreneurship
PiRuby`s Teaser Campaign in the Edtech Market Using Content Co-creation
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Launch of Big Bang Food Tech

Rana, an IIT-Delhi graduate, along with Sonia Mohindra (Mohindra), a hospitality consultant; Sonia Sinha (Sinha), former co-founder of Tupples and DoubtNut; and Manu Mohindra, a food and beverage consultant for brands such as Wendy’s and Barista in India, started Big Bang FoodTech (BBFT) in October 2021. Before launching the startup, Rana had run three restaurants across Delhi including Route4 in Connaught Place. He had met Manu and Sonia Mohindra when they advised him on launching his first restaurant. “Since we were advising other restaurants on fixing their issues and launching them in new geographies, we decided it was time for us to get in the game too,” added Rana..

Big Bang Food Tech Business Model

The Indian sub-continent had a rich heritage of numerous languages, customs, flavors, and cuisines. Over the years, numerous local food brands had helped preserve these flavors and cuisines through their products. Some local brands had been making a single dish unchanged for generations, while others had brought together two different cultures in an exquisite way..

Growth Through Acquisitions

Before any acquisition, BBFT carried out a thorough due diligence of the brand and examined whether it would align with its “existing supply chain model.” Second, the company checked whether that brand served middle-class Indian families since there was higher demand for such brands as compared to premium brands..

Future Outlook

According to Statista , the Indian restaurant industry consisted primarily of unorganized players that accounted for US$31 billion in market size while the organized market was worth US$22 billion. The Indian food market had seen multiple IPOs post the Covid-19 pandemic and was projected to grow from US$ 55 billion in 2020 to US$ 88 billion in 2025. Much of this growth was expected to be created by the food brand chains thanks to improvements in the road and power infrastructure in India..


Exhibit I: Funding for FoodTech in India
Exhibit II: India’s FoodTech Business Evolving by Region

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