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iD Fresh Enters the Traditional Beverage Segment through its Filter Coffee Decoction

Case Code: MKTG421
Case Length: 10 Pages
Period: 2018-2019
Pub Date: 2020
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Organization : iD Fresh Food (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Industry :Food & Beverage
Countries : India
Themes: Product Strategy & Design/ Marketing Mix/ Growth Strategy/Marketing Research
Global Economic Impact of Coronavirus – Assessment and Mitigation (B)
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Market Potential for Coffee Decoction

Brewing a perfect cup of filter coffee was considered a rich tradition in South India since it involved selecting good quality coffee beans and chicory in the market, roasting, and grinding them to perfection, and steeping the right quantity of coffee powder in the right quantity of boiling water before mixing the decoction with milk and sugar, jaggery or honey. As India witnessed rapid urbanization and rising employment levels, several households stopped making filter coffee at home and turned to instant coffee powders because they no longer had the time to make filter coffee from scratch..

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