Zomato: Redefining Digital Marketing

Global Economic Impact of Coronavirus – Assessment and Mitigation (B)
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Period: 2017-2021
Pub Date: 2020
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Organization : Zomato
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Countries : India
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Global Economic Impact of Coronavirus – Assessment and Mitigation (B)
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In April 2020, with the whole world in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic , India imposed a total lockdown that forced businesses to shut down or allow their employees to work from home. While essential services were allowed, online food service aggregators (FSA) like Zomato were also disrupted as the government sometimes allowed them to operate and sometimes put restrictions. A Twitter handle decided to have some fun at Zomato’s expense: “My parents think I am as useless as Zomato in our phones during this lockdown. My parents are wise,” Though Zomato wasn’t even tagged on the tweet, its social media team noticed it and retorted: “We’re actually delivering groceries now, aap apna dekh lo,” Analysts credited Zomato with redefining digital marketing over the last decade. This was just one of the instances that Zomato had won over the netizens with its witty replies and posts on social media...

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