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The Recall of Coca-Cola's Dasani in the UK Details SCMKTG103

Repositioning at Dabur Details SCMKTG099

Marketing Strategies of Honda - In India  Details SCMKTG098

Innovative Marketing Strategies of Cavinkare Details SCMKTG092

Bumrungrad and Global Services Marketing Details SCMKTG091

Nivea and Umbrella Branding Details SCMKTG087

David Beckham as a Brand  Details SCMKTG077

The Beetle Story Details SCMKTG071

Customer Relationship Management at Tesco Details SCMKTG070

Localization Strategies of BBC World in India Details SCMKTG063

L'Oreal's Evolution into a Global Cosmetic Brand Details SCMKTG062

The Marketing of All Out Mosquito Repellant Details SCMKTG060

The Success of Barbie Details SCMKTG057

Discovery Channel in India Details SCMKTG052

SMS Advertising   Details SCMKTG043

Allen Solly in the Indian Women's Western Wear Market Details SCMKTG042

Satyam Iway Details SCMKTG035

Life Insurance Marketing in India Product & Pricing Norms Details SCMKTG028

Prohibiting Surrogate Advertising of Liquor Details SCMKTG024

Film-Based Merchandising in India Details SCMKTG023

Benetton's Advertisement Campaigns Details SCMKTG019

The Indian Fast Food Market Details SCMKTG004

GE under Jack Welch Details SCLDEN002

IT Outsourcing at GM Details SCITSY046

Customer Focused e-Business Strategy at Marriot International Details SCITSY035

Human Resource Management a IKEA Details SCHROB066

Innovation at Nokia Details SCHROB023

A Culture of Innovation at 3M Details SCHROB022

Glass Ceiling Details SCHROB019

Employee Downsizing - A Global Phenomenon Details SCHROB016

Microsoft and Employee Discrimination Details SCHROB011

Nokia`s Competitive Position Details SCBSTR167

Nokia's Competitive Position Details SCBSTR167

Problems of MG Rover Details SCBSTR166

Royal Dutch - Shell-Governance Issues Details SCBSTR155

Localization Strategies of Unilever in China Details SCBSTR131

Localization Strategies of Ericsson in China Details SCBSTR127

The Takeover of Harbin Brewery Details SCBSTR122

GE and Honeywell - A Merger Aborted Details SCBSTR085

Wal-Mart's Strategies in Germany   Details SCBSTR082


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