Amazon`s Private Label Brands: An Ethical Perspective

Amazon`s Private Label Brands: An Ethical Perspective
Case Code: BECG186
Case Length: 13 Pages
Period: 2009-2022
Pub Date: 2024
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Organization:, Inc.
Industry: e-commerce
Countries: United States
Themes: Business Ethics, E-Business StrategyProduct Strategy & Design,Data Privacy
Amazon`s Private Label Brands: An Ethical Perspective
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The case “Amazon’s Private Label Brands: An Ethical Perspective” discusses the ethical implications surrounding the promotion of US-based multinational technology company, Inc. (Amazon) of Amazon Private Label (APL) products on its online marketplace. The case starts out with a brief look at– the world’s largest e-commerce platform’s launch of various APL products from the late 2000s. It then delves into the various controversies surrounding APL products through the years, such as counterfeiting, search result manipulation, data theft, and antitrust issues. This case presents Amazon’s perspective and gives an insight into the reasons that led it to adopt some of its allegedly controversial business practices. How can the company grow its APL business within the Amazon ecosystem, while ensuring fair competition, consumer choice, and transparent business practices?


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • Analyze the reasons that drive retailers to introduce private labels.
  • Understand the ethical dilemmas confronting a large e-commerce platform when it promotes its private labels.
  • Scrutinize the way monopolies raise antitrust concerns
  • Examine the role of transparency in building trust with various players in the e-commerce ecosystem
  • Conclude how ethical business practices can contribute to enhancing corporate reputation



Amazon Private Label; Retail Strategy; Ethical Perspective; Competition; Consumer Choice; Transparency; Third-party Sellers; Monopoly; E-commerce; Marketing Ethics; Data Theft; Anti-trust; Search Engine Algorithms; Regulations and Market Competition;Amazon; E-commerce; Online Marketplace; Search Terms; SEO; retail management; Branding; Collaborations; Ethical Dilemmas; Regulations

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