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Building a Business from Nature: Kari W. Block’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Building a Business from Nature: Kari W. Block’s Entrepreneurial Journey
Case Code: LDEN092
Case Length: 08 Pages
Period: 1990-2014
Pub Date: 2014
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Organization : Earth-Kind
Industry: Agriculture, Farm Equipment, Ware Housing
Countries : USA
Themes: Entrepreneurship
Building a Business from Nature: Kari W. Block’s Entrepreneurial Journey
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Her Early Years

Born in 1963, Kari had a childhood that provided her with the opportunity to live in different places and study in different schools. Kari’s mother, a teacher who also at one point ran a daycare facility, died when Kari was 11. John I Havnvik (John), her father, was an entomologist. He worked as Sales Manager in firms that sold pesticides. John moved from place to place as he quickly climbed up the career ladder.

Kari had to face bullying during her school days, and this experience made her underestimate her own self-worth. Since she was also a slow learner she was assigned for special education. When she was 15, Kari was still unsure whether she would go to college. At this point, Kari decided that she would start working after school hours and on weekends. She took on jobs delivering newspapers, as a waitress etc., to earn extra money. Her aim was to earn sufficient money to buy a car and pay a deposit for an apartment so as to be on her own by 18...

The turning point came when Kari went to work for Dayton Hudson Corporation (Dayton Hudson), a company that excelled in customer service. The company believed in people and treated them with respect. She was lucky to have a superior who believed in her abilities and told her that she was capable of much more than she thought she was. This helped Kari shape her perceptions in a positive way and perform well on her job. Starting as a clerk, she progressed quickly on her job and, within a short period, she was given the responsibility of training management recruits in customer service and employee culture......

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