Hello Tractor - Leveraging Technology to Provide Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture in Africa

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Hello Tractor - Leveraging Technology to Provide Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture in Africa
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Business Model of Hello Tractor

Hello Tractor’s set of solutions included various tools and software. The first was a low-cost monitoring device and tractor owner app. This device could be fitted to any brand of tractor in the market to glean insights on tractor operation and maintenance. Hello Tractor worked closely with tractor owners to develop mobile and web apps that provided full reporting on tractor and operator activity, performance, and maintenance needs..

Hello Tractor’s Path to Financial Sustainability

Hello Tractor had emerged as a true agricultural mechanization platform. Its scaling partners included leading companies such as John Deere, IBM, Calamp, and Aeris. For Africa, John Deere had positioned Hello Tractor as its exclusive telematics partner..

Expanding the Business

Hello Tractor had raised about $250,000 from investors in August 2015. The company had piloted its service and carried out demos across Nigeria and Ghana, letting farmers interact with the Smart Tractor. It received purchase orders from individuals and state governments that were delivered by the next planting season..

The Impact

By expanding the tractors’ serviceable geography, Hello Tractor enabled owners to grow their business, providing employment opportunities for service providers and rural booking agents. By creating equitable access to tractor services, it enabled smallholder farmers to earn more and grow more, improving livelihoods and food security for their families and communities. And by integrating ground intelligence with mechanization..

Can hello tractor help in achieving food security & sustainable livelihood in africa?

Although Hello Tractor was a massive success in several parts of Africa and Asia, it faced many challenges in achieving its vision. One of the several obstacles it faced was the wildly fluctuating currency exchange in Nigeria and other African countries..

Looking Ahead

Speaking about the future plans of the company, Oliver said, “The sky’s the limit! We have a number of new initiatives in the pipeline that we’re excited about..


Exhibit I: Availability of Tractors in Africa
Exhibit II: About Jehiel Oliver
Exhibit III: Who Hello Tractor Worked With
Exhibit IV: Business Model of Hello Tractor
Exhibit V: Hello Tractor’s Revenue

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