Hemalatha Annamalai: Woman Pioneer of India`s Electric Vehicle Revolution

Hemalatha Annamalai: Woman Pioneer of India`s Electric Vehicle Revolution
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Period: 2007-2022
Pub Date: 2023
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Organization : Ampere Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.
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Hemalatha Annamalai: Woman Pioneer of India`s Electric Vehicle Revolution
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Inception of The Idea For Ampere

In June 2007, Annamalai received a call from Pachyappa who was in Japan attending a conference. He spoke about how a unit head of Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) had mentioned that it was the end of the era for the ‘Internal Combustion Engine’ used in vehicles. That particular bit of information stimulated her to think about innovation in the automobile industry, mainly through EVs..

Innovative Products that Catered to Customer Needs

Initially, Ampere found it difficult to sell its EVs. In the first six months, only 69 EVs were sold. Annamalai said, “In 2009, we held a road show for electric vehicles in Sulur (TN). 3000 people participated, I was confident that at least 10 would buy the product. But not a single person did. Perceivably, the brand was new and suspicions were high. So we worked on our products one by one, systematically, to capture the market.”..

Solving Challenges

Annamalai observed that it took just four major components to make the EVs — motor, charger, controller, and battery – all of which were imported. In the early days, she faced a huge problem when the chargers that were used in Ampere’s..

The Rise in Investor Interest in Ampere

In November 2014, when Annamalai heard that India’s iconic industrialist and leading philanthropist, Ratan Naval Tata (Tata) , was coming to Coimbatore, she wrote to him requesting a short meeting. Speaking about why she wanted to meet Tata,..

Ampere’s Success Story

By 2018, Ampere had the capacity to manufacture 30,000 vehicles annually . Ampere claimed to have sold more than 20,000 EVs and to have “saved more than 9 million litres of petrol and prevented almost 14 million kilogrammes of CO2 emissions”..

The Way Forward

Analysts felt that under Annamalai’s leadership, Ampere had created a position for itself as an innovative technology company in the budding Indian EV industry, contributing to environmental sustainability..


Exhibit I: Top Electric Two-Wheeler Companies by Their Market Share
Exhibit II: Awards won by Hemalatha Annamalai (2010-14)
Exhibit III: Indian EV Market 2020-2030 (US$ Million)
Exhibit IV: Indian EV Companies Information

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