The Saga of Sophia Amoruso: From Serial Entrepreneur to Guide for Business Owners

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The Saga of Sophia Amoruso: From Serial Entrepreneur to Guide for Business Owners
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The Meteoric Rise of Nasty Gal

In 2006, when she was 22, Amoruso opened up an eBay store Nasty Gal Vintage, named after cult singer Betty Davis’s 1975 music album (See Exhibit I). She started selling used vintage clothing and other items like books. The first item that she sold through the store was a book that she had stolen as a teenager. Amoruso promoted the clothing through Nasty Gal’s Myspace page..

The Cataclysmic Fall

By early 2012, Danny Rimer (Rimer), a partner of venture capital firm Index Ventures (Index), had been trying for eighteen months to talk to Amoruso on the phone. Index had various investments that included ASOS -- a fashion company and a large European brand. Rimer thought that Nasty Gal had the potential to make it big in the fashion world..

No Setback For Amoruso – The Girlboss Venture Takes Off

Nasty Gal’s bankruptcy did not mean that Amoruso disappeared from the limelight. She continued with her various personal endeavors that kept her relevant. By the time Nasty Gal went bankrupt, Amoruso had already made a name for herself as a bestselling author. She then went on to create a brand of corporate feminism – Girlboss..

What else has amoruso in mind?

In 2020, Amoruso founded Business Class – a 10-week digital course for entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers. The course was designed to guide entrepreneurs through the entry and exit strategies of business ownership..


Exhibit I: A Timeline: The Growth & Decline of Nasty Gal
Exhibit II: Flights (Modules) of the Business Class Program

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