Horlicks Using`mSamvaad` to Reach Out to a Media-Dark Rural Market

iD Fresh Enters the Traditional Beverage Segment through its Filter Coffee Decoction
Case Code: MKTG430
Case Length: 6 Pages
Period: 2019-2020
Pub Date: 2021
Teaching Note: Available
Price: Rs.200
Organization : GlaxoSmithKline plc
Industry : Healthcare and Services
Countries : India
Themes: Rural Markets, Digital Marketing, Marketing Communication,A dvertising & Promotion
iD Fresh Enters the Traditional Beverage Segment through its Filter Coffee Decoction
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The case “Horlicks Using ‘mSamvaad’ To Reach out To A Media-Dark Rural Market” discusses how a voice-driven platform called mSamvaad was used by multinational pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK) to advertise Horlicks in the ‘media dark’ rural areas of the Indian state of Bihar. The case gives an insight into the functionalities of mSamvaad and the way it helps brands overcome communication barriers such as low literacy and lack of access to data and connectivity that alienate rural India. Ravi Kishan, a popular Bhojpuri actor who was Horlicks’ brand ambassador conveyed the nutritional benefits of the brand’s new variant to Bihari mothers in rural areas through mSamvaad. The case provides details about how the consumer interactions happened. The nutritional awareness campaign went on to be a success, as most of the audience was able to recall the brand message afterwards and there was an increase in product usage. Can mSamvaad emerge as the key media channel to connect with rural customers in India?


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • Examine how companies adapt to new media channels, reducing the role of traditional media.
  • Understand the importance of interactive media marketing campaigns.
  • Analyze the nuances of rural marketing.
  • Study how digital marketing is leveraged to reach media dark rural areas.
  • Develop innovative digital marketing solutions.
  • Scrutinize the role played by digital marketing in integrated marketing communication of a company.



Marketing Management; Reducing Role of Traditional Media; Digital Marketing; Rural Marketing; Integrated Marketing Communication; Media Issues; Internet and Interactive Media; Advertising & Communication Management; Types of Media; Digital Marketing; Digital Marketing Strategy; Audio Conferencing; Mobile Voice; Media Dark; Voice-Driven Platform

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