Cream Stone: The Young Premium Ice Cream Brand of India

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PiRuby`s Teaser Campaign in the Edtech Market Using Content Co-creation
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Cream Stone – Driving Toward Success

Unlike other ice cream brands, Cream Stone prepared different varieties of ice cream bases. Anyone could create ice cream, but Viren claimed that in order to ensure that it tasted excellent, one had to use all the necessary components in the correct proportions and follow stringent manufacturing guidelines..

Coping with the Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in March 2020, ice creams became unpopular. People were hesitant to venture out or even consume cold products like ice creams as there was a fear that cold foods like ice creams made them susceptible to COVID-19. According to Dilip Rath, Chairman of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), “Ice cream industry has suffered due to two reasons..


Although Cream Stone evolved as a ‘young’ brand, it faced a set of challenges. There was intense competition in the ice cream segment with both local and foreign players expanding their presence..

The Way Forward

Some analysts from the industry opined that innovating with novel and unusual ingredients, ‘low fat’ alternatives, transparent labeling, and convenient packaging would actually improve ice cream consumption in India. Moreover, improving the infrastructure in the non-urban locations might also improve ice cream consumption, experts said..


Exhibit I: Top 5 Ice Cream Companies in India and their Market Share (April 2022)
Exhibit II: Cream Stone’s Awards and Recognitions
Exhibit III: Cream Stone Menu with Prices (in Rs.)
Exhibit IV: Cream Stone Franchisee Requirements

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