Psudo-Setting New Standards for Sneaker Manufacturing

Psudo-Setting New Standards for Sneaker Manufacturing
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Pub Date: 2023
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Organization : Psudo Inc.
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Psudo-Setting New Standards for Sneaker Manufacturing
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The Environmental Impact of Sneakers

Most of the shoes sold across the globe ended up in landfills or in incinerators. Researchers estimated that the average pair took more than 50 years to decompose fully. The use of multiple materials and glues to make the shoes made it hard for them to break down, and these materials were often not fit for recycling..

Psudo inc.

Psudo Inc. was founded by Michael Rich (Rich) and his wife Kortney Rich in the year 2020 and was headquartered in Sunny Los Angeles, CA. The company manufactured slip-on sneakers with designs printed on them to make it appear as though there were laces..

The Manufacturing of Psudo Sneakers

Rich wanted to produce the sneakers in USA, which was a humungous challenge for the company. He felt that making shoes locally would give the company more leverage when it came to change of designs..

Future Outlook

The sneakers received mixed reviews from customers, with many of them reporting sizing issues. Nevertheless, most customers were satisfied with the quality of the shoes. The company experienced a growing demand from customers who were looking for quality, sustainability, affordability, and transparency in the sneaker industry..


Exhibit I: USA Sneaker Industry Value
Exhibit II A Note on Repreve
Exhibit III: A Note on Circular Economy

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