Gits Food - Pioneering Indian Convenience Food

Gits Food - Pioneering Indian Convenience Food
Case Code: BSTR596
Case Length: 17 Pages
Period: 1963-2019
Pub Date: 2020
Teaching Note: Available
Price: Rs.500
Organization: Gits Food Products Pvt. Ltd.
Industry: Food & Beverage
Countries: India
Themes: Strategy Formulation, Family Business, International Business, Diversification Strategy
Gits Food - Pioneering Indian Convenience Food
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The case 'Gits Food – Pioneering Indian Convenience Food' provides a glimpse into the journey of a family business, Gits Food Products Pvt. Ltd. (Gits), in the Indian convenience food market. The case starts out with a description of the early days of Gits, where it struggled to find a market for convenience foods in India. That prompted it to look toward overseas markets. The case then documents the reasons that drove Gits to take a renewed interest in the Indian market in the 2000s. The product and marketing strategies of the company to capture a share of the emerging Indian convenience food market are depicted in detail. The case also provides a glimpse into the leadership role played by the third generation of the family business in successfully steering the company in tune with the changing scenario in the market. The case takes a brief look at the challenges plaguing the industry. It ends with a look into the future prospects of the company in the Indian food processing industry that has large scope for expansion.


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • Analyze the reasons behind a change in strategic direction
  • Formulate a product strategy
  • Scrutinize the role played by product diversification in capturing a market
  • Develop a marketing strategy to tap into a fast expanding market
  • Devise a strategy to deal with changes in the business environment
  • Study the role of effective leadership in family businesses



Strategic Direction, Product Diversification, International Business, Product Strategy, Above-the-line (ATL) advertising, Below-the-line (BTL) advertising, Family Business, Family Business Leadership, Business Environment, Business Values, Food Processing, B2B marketing, Branding, Niche Marketing, Product Line Expansion

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