Afrigator: A Killer Start-up in Africa

Afrigator: A Killer Start-up in Africa
Case Code: BSTR353
Case Length: 20 Pages
Period: 2007-2009
Pub Date: 2009
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Organization: Afrigator Internet (Pty) Ltd.
Industry: Social Media
Countries: Africa
Themes: Business Model, Business Model Innovation, Entrepreneurship
Afrigator: A Killer Start-up in Africa
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"Afrigator is an extremely strong and recognized brand not just in Africa but globally. We are a market leader within our space, and through innovative products and services we are building trust and value for our brand because we continually engage our users. We have built up an extremely loyal user base that thrives on our ability to deliver new products that benefit them."

Justin Hartman, Managing Director & co-founder of Afrigator in 2009.


In December 2008, South Africa-based social media aggregator, Afrigator, joined the Online Publishers Association (OPA) of South Africa in order to achieve statistical insights for its core products namely, Afrigator ( and Adgator ( Within a month of joining, Afrigator had become the ninth largest publisher on the OPA with respect to total unique browsers, registering a growth rate of 1,079%, as measured by Nielson Online (Refer to Exhibit I for Nielsen Online Rankings by Publisher).

Commenting on the achievement, Justin Hartman (Hartman), Managing Director of Afrigator, said, "Being ranked the ninth largest publisher in South Africa is a massive achievement for Afrigator. We joined the OPA because there was a growing need for us to provide detailed metrics and demographics to advertisers, but we didn't anticipate we'd be ranked this high so soon." Founded in 2007, Afrigator is the largest social media aggregator and blog directory6 in Africa, built specifically for African consumers to publish and use content on the Web. It is the flagship product of Afrigator Internet (Pty) Ltd., a technology company based in Cape Town. Besides Afrigator, the company's other products include Adgator, a blog advertising network, and Gatorpeeps, a micro-blogging site. Using Afrigator one can index blogs, podcasts & videocasts, news feeds and images and discover new sites in the Afrosphere.....

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