Mahindra 'Rise': New Vision, Core Purpose and Positioning Statement

Mahindra 'Rise': New Vision, Core Purpose and Positioning Statement
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Period: 2011
Pub Date: 2011
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Organization: Mahindra Group
Industry: Diversified
Countries: India; Global
Themes: Corporate Strategy , Vision, Mission
Mahindra 'Rise': New Vision, Core Purpose and Positioning Statement
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A New Vision and Core Purpose

While the individual companies had their own mission statements, the Group as a whole did not. "We don't have a group-wide mission statement. Our core purpose is what makes all of us want to get up and come to work in the morning," said Anand. According to Sridhar Samu, with the group moving into newer areas, "questions like what is your core business and philosophy would have been hard to answer as there was nothing linking everything together."...

Rationale for the Change

Mahindra had carried out a similar exercise in 1998 to outline the conglomerate's core values. At that time, the brand identity was about celebrating being Indian. Anand explained the reasons for the new core purpose and Brand Position: "At the time of independence, it was to demonstrate that Indians were second to none which worked very well. It energized everyone and the results were for everybody to see. As time went by, two things happened. Firstly, we grew. India grew in stature and Indian companies grew. All of a sudden, we were second to none, which was rather defensive. Secondly, as a corporation, we were becoming increasingly global."...

Embedding 'Rise'

Mahindra found that some of the traits that it wanted to inculcate in the company as part of 'Rise' were fundamental while others were strengthening or waning. The four core qualities for Mahindra were integrity, compassion, diversity, and empowerment of employees and customers. Employees also identified four emerging qualities for the modern world: a global mindset, ingenuity, social responsibility, and a challenger spirit. "For Mahindra, 'Rise' means achieving world class standards in everything they do, setting new benchmarks of excellence, and conquering tough global markets," said Anand...

Challenges Ahead

According to Scott Goodson (Goodson), founder & chairman, StrawberryFrog, which was responsible for communicating Mahindra's new branding, the time was ripe for Indian companies to establish their brands globally. Some other experts felt that the group was on the right track considering the changes in its portfolio and market. They said 'Rise' "will help bring clarity and align the group's businesses. It can also set new directions as [Mahindra] grows bigger and expands into new territories."...


Exhibit I: The Presence of Mahindra in Automotive Sector
Exhibit II: Mahindra Group's Revenue and Profits
Exhibit III: Market Capitalization as of March 31, 2011
Exhibit IV: Five-year Stock Chart of Mahindra & Mahindra at Bombay Stock Exchange
Exhibit V: Mahindra's Federal Structure
Exhibit VI: A Mahindra 'RISE' Ad

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