Mahindra 'Rise': New Vision, Core Purpose and Positioning Statement

Mahindra 'Rise': New Vision, Core Purpose and Positioning Statement
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Period: 2011
Pub Date: 2011
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Organization: Mahindra Group
Industry: Diversified
Countries: India; Global
Themes: Corporate Strategy , Vision, Mission
Mahindra 'Rise': New Vision, Core Purpose and Positioning Statement
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"Rise isn't just a word - it is a rallying cry which enables people to unify around shared ideas, values, principles, a way of life, or a common goal. It is a call to see opportunities where others can't and to set an example for the world. For Mahindra, Rise means achieving world-class standards in everything we do, setting new benchmarks of excellence, and conquering tough global markets."

-Anand Mahindra, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Mahindra Group, on January 17, 2011


In January 2011, Anand Mahindra (Anand), Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Mahindra & Mahindra, introduced a new statement that defined the Group's core purpose. Anand and the top management of Mahindra gave expression to the new vision through a new brand positioning and a 'new core purpose' and tagline for the group 'Rise'. As of 2011, the Mahindra Group (Mahindra) was a US $12.5 billion Indian multinational2 employing over 119,900 people across the globe, with operations spanning 18 key industries. It occupied a leadership position in utility vehicles, tractors, and information technology and had a significant and growing presence in financial services, aerospace, after-market, real estate, hospitality, and logistics.

Mahindra was the only Indian company among the top tractor brands in the world. While the individual companies in the Mahindra Group had their own mission statements, the Group as a whole did not have one. So according to the company, for this it had a core purpose. As Mahindra expanded globally, it was not able to connect its existing core purpose and positioning statement to the global arena and across the businesses that had been developed at the time India got its Independence in 1947. So Mahindra decided to revisit its core purpose and positioning statement in a bid to unify all its businesses. As a part of it, it developed a new tagline "Rise" in keeping with its global ambition. Mahindra started embedding 'Rise' through certain changes internally as well as externally so as to reach all the stakeholders. But the challenge before the top management team was to ensure that Rise would be embedded throughout the Group rather than ending up as a flavor-of-the-month exercise....

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