Moonlighting: Boon for Employees, Bane for Employers?

Moonlighting: Boon for Employees, Bane for Employers?
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Period: 2020-2022
Pub Date: 2023
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Moonlighting: Boon for Employees, Bane for Employers?
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Why employers were against moonlighting?

Many industries in India were against moonlighting. According to Gitanjali Singh, Head of Strategy and Sales at digital technology solutions company Visionet Systems in India, “Companies hiring full-time employees expect the resource to be dedicated towards the work assigned by the organization. Similarly, the ownership of employees’ welfare rests with the organisation until he is active in the system. This is especially done to ensure there is undivided attention, commitment, integrity towards the job/employment contract.”..

Legal Vs Ethical Debate on Moonlighting

Dual employment was technically possible in the UK and the US. Industry experts opined that in the UK, a second employment would probably go underreported in larger organizations as the side hustle was not notified to the payroll department of the primary employer. They added that in the US tax system, having a secondary employment was simpler as it was based on self-assessment and voluntary reporting..

The Road Ahead

While experts across many industries opposed moonlighting, Harpreet Singh Saluja (Saluja), President of Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES), an organization representing IT workers, stated that the founders of several reputed companies in India had moonlighted while holding down their day jobs. According to Saluja..


Exhibit I: Moonlighting around the World
Exhibit II: Attrition Rates at Indian IT Companies (FY 2020 and FY2021)
Exhibit III: Salaries of Freshers Compared to that of CEOs at Indian IT companies (2012 to 2022)
Exhibit IV: Response of IT Companies in India to Moonlighting

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