Etsy`s Growth Strategy in India: Empowering Artisans

Etsy`s Growth Strategy in India: Empowering Artisans
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Case Length: 9 Pages
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Pub Date: 2024
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Organization : Etsy, Inc.
Industry : e-commerce
Countries : India
Themes: Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketplace E-Business Strategy,Technology in Retailing

Etsy`s Growth Strategy in India: Empowering Artisans
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The case “Etsy’s Growth Strategy in India: Empowering Artisans” discusses the business growth strategy of global online marketplace for unique and creative goods, Etsy, Inc. (Etsy) in India. The case discusses the way Etsy aided its Indian sellers – mostly artisans with traditional skills and expertise in crafting handmade goods – through customized onboarding and marketing help. Etsy focused heavily on independent designers with restricted capital or traditional artists operating in remote regions. The case takes an in-depth look at Etsy’s various initiatives to build its sellers’ business that included conducting workshops aimed at acquainting both current and prospective sellers with buyers; providing a social media connect between buyers and sellers; and imparting training to the sellers in various skills. The case also discusses how Etsy, a niche-focused e-commerce marketplace, handled the competition. Considering that the current deep discounting models adopted by most e-commerce companies cannot be sustained for a long time, can Etsy redefine the e-commerce space, especially in India?


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • Understand market segmentation and niche marketplaces.
  • Explore the dynamics of e-commerce in emerging economies like India.
  • Devise strategies to attract sellers on a niche marketplace.
  • Assess the advantages provided to sellers by niche marketplaces.
  • Analyze the benefits and limitations of a niche marketplace.


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E-commerce; Digital Marketplace; Localization; Niche Marketplace; Vendor Management; Niche Marketing; Small Business Empowerment; Customer-Centric Approach; Competitive Analysis; Deep Discounting; Customer-driven Marketing Strategy; Segmentation; Targeting; Global Expansion; and Market Penetration;Etsy; Artisans; Unique Selling Proposition; Hipsters; Rural Artisans; Cottage Industry; Indian Handicraft Industry; Small-scale Sellers; Competitive Advantage

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