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Environmental Sustainability at Wipro: 'Green IT' and 'IT for Green' Details OPER082

PfizerWorks: New Outsourcing Model to Improve Employee Productivity Details OPER081

Domino's Master Franchise Model Details OPER080

Fostering Innovation: Wipro Technologies' Innovation Framework Details OPER079

The Tata Nano Project - Making of the World’s Cheapest Car Details OPER078

BIXI: Montréal's Innovative Public Bike System Details OPER077

Tesla Roadster: The Car of the Future? Details OPER076

Designing Speedo LZR Racer: Speedo`s Innovative and Controversial Line of High-end Swimsuits Details OPER075

BMW Group Plant Oxford`s `The New Oxford Way` (NOW) Program: From Culture Clash to Performance Culture Details OPER074

BMW Group`s MINI Production Triangle Details OPER073

Australia's Leading Retailer Woolworths' Retail Operations Details OPER072

Family-Owned Grocery Retailer Nugget Markets' Store Operations and Work Culture Details OPER071

Nokia's Chinese Operations Details OPER070

Menlo Innovations: A New Approach to Workplace & Project Management Details OPER069

Supply Chain Practices of Three European Apparel Companies: Zara, H&M and Benetton Details OPER068

Tesco's 'Steering Wheel' - A Tool for Strategic Value Creation and Business Transformation Details OPER067

H&M's Supply Chain Management Practices Details OPER066

Benetton's 'Dual Supply Chain' System Details OPER065

The Making of Apple's iPod Details OPER064

Dell's Supply Chain Management Practices Details OPER063

Quality and Safety Practices at LEGO Details OPER062

The Making of Xbox 360 Details OPER061

Sysco's Supply Chain Management Practices Details OPER060

Infosys' Global Delivery Model Details OPER059

The AXA Way: Improving Quality of Services  Details OPER058

Supply Chain Management at GCMMF Details OPER057

The Making of Airbus A380: A Triumph of Science and Engineering Details OPER056

Zara's Supply Chain Management Practices Details OPER055

Tesco's Supply Chain Management Practices Details OPER054

The Making of Boeing's 787 'Dreamliner' Details OPER053

Six Sigma: A Tool to Increase Customer Satisfaction at Bank of America Details OPER052

Mass Customization: The BMW Way Details OPER051

Six Sigma at Motorola Details OPER050

SCM and ERP Software Implementation at Nike: From Failure to Success Details OPER049

Global Supply Chain Management: Best Practices at Li & Fung Limited Details OPER047

Project Scorpio: The Making of India's First Indigenous Sports Utility Vehicle Details OPER046

Supply Chain Management in L&T (ECC Division) Details OPER045

The Making of Boeing 777 Details OPER044

Taiichi OHNO and Toyota Production System Details OPER043

Volvo's Product Development Practices: Focus on Safety Details OPER042


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