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ICMR Case Studies in Books and Other Publications

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Name of  the Book

Author (s)

Publisher & Year/Month of Publication


Case Title

Case Author (s)

Cover Page

Operations Management: An International Perspective David Barnes Thomson Learning December 2007 - Infosys' Global Delivery Model Indu.P, Vivek Gupta
Tesco's Supply Chain Management Practices
Strategic Management (2nd Edition)


Mason Carpenter and Gerry Sanders Prentice Hall Publishing   Home Depot's Strategy under Bob Nardelli Shirisha Regani, Sanjib Dutta  
RyanAir: The 'Southwest' of European Airlines V.Sarvani and A. Mukund
Airbus: From Challenger to Leader K.Subhadra, Sanjib Dutta
Coca-Cola's Re-entry and Growth Strategies in China Suchitra Jampani, Sanjib Dutta
Trouble in the 'Magic Kingdom': Governance Problems at Disney Shirisha Regani, Sanjib Dutta
Strategic Management (8th Edition) Hitt, Ireland, Hoskisson, Rowe, Shepperd Thomson Learning   Jack Welch and Jeffrey Immelt - Continuity and Change in Strategy, Style and Culture at GE Shirisha Regani, S.S.George  
PSA Peugeot Citroen: Strategic Alliances for Competitive Advantage Sachin Govind, S.S.George
Efective practices of global corporations Patricia Werhane, Laura Hartman Prentice hall   The Johnson & Johnson Tylenol Controversies D.Sirisha, Vivek Gupta  

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