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i-Mint - An Innovative Coalition Loyalty and Consumer Rewards Program in India Details MKTG238

Indian Premier League's Operating Model - Marketing Cricket to the World Details MKTG237

Apple’s App Store: Strengthening the iPhone’s Competitive Position Details MKTG236

Promoting 'Paranormal Activity' Details MKTG235

Turkey: Emerging as a Value-based Destination Amidst Economic Slowdown Details MKTG234

Burger King's 'Subservient Chicken' Marketing Campaign Details MKTG233

Kraft Foods’ Mobile Marketing Strategy Details MKTG232

Idea Cellular`s Advertising and Promotion Strategies Details MKTG231

Maruti Suzuki`s Advertising Strategies Details MKTG230

Marketing Pristiq: The Advertising Challenge Details MKTG229

Coca-Cola "Open Happiness" Campaign Details MKTG228

Intel Corporation's 'Sponsors of Tomorrow' Global Branding Campaign Details MKTG227

Kleenex 'Let It Out' Campaign: Increasing Consumer Involvement with a Low-involvement Product Details MKTG226

Tata Sky's Marketing Strategies Details MKTG225

Warner Brothers' Viral Marketing Strategy - The 'Dark Knight' Campaign Details MKTG224

Woot.Com - Selling to Geeks Details MKTG223

Hershey: Going through a Sweet Recession Details MKTG222

Trader Joe's: A Unique Customer Experience Details MKTG221

Vodafone Essar's Advertising Strategy - The 'Zoozoos' Campaign Details MKTG220

Hero Honda's Rural Marketing Initiatives in India Details MKTG219

American Airlines' Rainbow TeAAm and its Strategy to Target the LGBT Segment Details MKTG218

IBM Corporation: Targeting the LGBT Segment Details MKTG217

Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.'s Sales Force Strategy Details MKTG216

McDonald's Advertising Strategy - The 'Lost Ring' Campaign Details MKTG215

L'Oréal in China Details MKTG214

Marketing Ghajini: Bollywood's Biggest Blockbuster Details MKTG213

Catch-22 for Kellogg's? Details MKTG212

Barack Obama's Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy Details MKTG211

Marriott International Inc.'s 'Sales Force One': New Sales Force Strategy for Competitive Advantage Details MKTG210

Complan Vs Horlicks: Comparative Advertising and the Question of Ethics Details MKTG209

Rolls-Royce: A Manufacturer at Your Service Details MKTG208

Zappos.Com: Focus on Customer Service Details MKTG207

iRobot's Roomba: Bringing Robots into Homes Details MKTG206

Google and its TV Ads Program Details MKTG205

Marketing Sunsilk: How Unilever Launched its Global Hair Care Brand in the US Details MKTG204

Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand: Social Marketing to Change Binge Drinking Culture Details MKTG203

UGG Boots: Australian Generic Product to Global Luxury Brand Details MKTG202

Apple Inc.'s iPhone: Can iPhone Maintain its Initial Momentum? Details MKTG201

Improving Sales Force Effectiveness: Bayer's Experiment with New Technology Details MKTG200

Exubera Fiasco: What Went Wrong? Details MKTG199


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